MADISON, Wis. – Ahead of the Wisconsin GOP’s state convention, the Party of Trump continues to push a dangerous and unpopular agenda that would raise taxes on almost one in three Wisconsinites, sunset Social Security and Medicare, and block access to abortion care.

Poll after poll proves that voters across the state and country are rejecting this MAGA extremism:

Politico: “Fifty-eight percent of voters said it is important for them to vote for a candidate in the midterms who supports abortion access. That includes 82% of Democratic voters, 57% of independents, and more than 1 in 3 Republicans (35%).”

Marquette Law School: “Poll: 61% of Wisconsinites say abortion should be legal in all or most cases.”

Navigator Research: “Republican Senator Rick Scott’s Economic Plan Remains Deeply Unpopular, Even Among Republicans”

Across the state, voters are voicing their discontent with the Republican Party’s anti-worker, anti-senior, and anti-Wisconsin agenda: 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Opinion: Ending access to legal abortion has potentially deadly health consequences for Wisconsin women

The Cap Times: Opinion: Republican Plan Hurts Wisconsin Retirees

Racine Journal Times: Letter: Republicans Want to Raise Taxes on Poor

Hudson Star Observer: Letter: Senator supports ‘skin in game’

Door County Pulse: Letter: Hands Off Social Security and Medicare

Wisconsin State Journal: Letter: Tax cuts help rich at our expense

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