MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsinites across the state are making clear they won’t tolerate Ron Johnson’s continued threats to cut Social Security and Medicare and will be voting against him in November.

See what they’re saying:

Carolyn Kaiser, Chippewa: “If Johnson had his way, seniors would lose retirement benefits and be hung out to dry…It’s time to put an end to Senator Johnson’s attacks on Social Security and Medicare and the only way we can do that is by beating him at the ballot box this November. Our health care, our retirement, and our livelihoods are on the line. We cannot allow Ron Johnson to continue to work against Wisconsin’s best interests.”

Nancy Stencil, Wausau: “After Johnson broke his two-term pledge to run for another six years in office, he has recommitted to the idea that Congress should be able to cut funding for these programs [Social Security & Medicare] – which would mean six more years of living in fear of his attacks on Social Security…We must hold Republican politicians accountable for betraying Wisconsin seniors – and that starts at the ballot box.”

Leslie DeMuth, Lake Mills: “In Sen. Ron Johnson’s latest attack on working people, he has suggested that Medicare and Social Security should be eliminated as title programs and instead be subject to annual approval as discretionary spending. Such a move would throw chaos into our economy and fear into the hearts of senior citizens. But Johnson is a very wealthy individual who turns a blind eye to the needs of everyday people while working as an elected official to protect the rights of the most privileged few.”

Adam Umbreit, Berlin: “If you think Social Security and Medicare are ‘Ponzi Schemes’ or insulin should not be capped to realistic prices, or that climate change is not real, you should vote for Ron…If you would like to see a push for more tax breaks for billionaire campaign backers and believe that the capitol insurrection was never a threat to our country, you should vote for Ron Johnson. All of these facts above represent Ron Johnson and what Ron Johnson has said and done representing our state. Ron Johnson has been a massive stain on our state far too long now.”

Gene Lillge, Madison: “For years, Sen. Ron Johnson supported raiding the Social Security Trust Fund of billions of dollars to help…provide tax breaks for the rich and powerful. Now he says Social Security should not be an entitlement earned by American workers and should be a pay-as-you-go program. Hypocrisy is a mild description of Johnson’s position.”

Gregory Schmidt, Madison: “Social Security and Medicare are promises made by the federal government — promises that money paid into the programs through payroll taxes by American workers will provide the workers with income and health care in retirement…Despite this, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, and other Republicans are supporting a plan to drastically cut these benefits. Johnson has attacked Social Security and Medicare for years. He considers Social Security to be a ‘Ponzi scheme,’ and he suggests Medicare benefits should be reduced.”

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