MADISON, Wis., – In response to Ron Johnson holding yet another dangerous disinformation event on the safety of vaccines and COVID, Wisconsin Dr. Jennifer Milosavljevic slammed Johnson for his self-serving actions that are prolonging the pandemic and slowing down the country’s economic recovery.

See, in part, what Dr. Milosavljevic said below and watch the full event here.

“It’s very disappointing that we have a senator like Ron Johnson that continues to spread disinformation about the key thing that we need to end this pandemic – which is the vaccine…The vast majority of those hospitalized in the ICU and who are dying are the unvaccinated…I don’t understand the disinformation – it’s impacting our economy as well as community members are getting sick and can’t support their local businesses. We need to put an end to senators [time in office] like Ron Johnson who are prolonging the pandemic by spreading disinformation to our fellow Wisconsinites.”

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