“We can’t trust Senator Johnson…What has continued to threaten my colleagues and our patients and the families that we care for is the continued self-serving agenda of Ron Johnson.”


MADISON, Wis. – Yesterday, Wisconsinites blasted Ron Johnson’s self-serving agenda, highlighting his push to change the 2017 tax bill in a way that benefitted himself and his biggest donors, efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and continued work to undermine the pandemic response by spreading disinformation about COVID and the vaccine.


In addition, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin placed billboards across the state highlighting Johnson’s self dealing and abandoning everyday Wisconsinites.

See some of the coverage below:




Channel 3000: “Sen. Ron Johnson officially announced his plan to seek a third term on Sunday. Not everyone supported his decision to run, including some local health officials. ‘What has really prolonged this pandemic and what has really continued to threaten my colleagues and our patients and the families that we care for is the continues self-serving agenda of Sen. Ron Johnson,’ said Dr. Jeff Huebner, a family doctor in Madison.”


WTMJ: “Democrats, in this state and nationally, contend that Johnson, and Republican Party, have actually fueled the division in America. ‘Part of that path is because of his lies, his inaction and inability to lead for the constituents of Wisconsin,’” said Charles Manning, a Milwaukee area healthcare worker. ‘Ron Johnson has led us down this path. It’s that simple.’”


WKOW: “Democrats released a series of billboards statewide, including outside of Janesville and Wisconsin Dells. The ads portrayed Johnson as an out-of-touch millionaire who’s put his own interests ahead of voters’. The party also held a roundtable with critics of Johnson who focused on his controversial remarks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including questioning whether the vaccine is safe and effective despite the majority of evidence shared by the vast majority of doctors and hospital systems nationwide.”


WUWM: “The state Democratic Party said it’s putting up billboards criticizing Johnson. The party also held a Zoom call with health care workers and patients attacking Johnson’s record. Milwaukee nurse Charles Manning responded to the senator’s claim that the nation is on a dangerous path. ‘Ron Johnson has led us down this path. It’s that simple. I don’t think Ron Johnson knows his head from a hole in the ground, and the only thing that speaks to him is money and power,’ Manning said.”


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: ​​”State Democrats had a message of their own for Johnson: putting up billboards in Milwaukee, Beloit, Eau Claire, Kenosha and Oshkosh, attacking the senator on taxes…The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee also went up with a digital and cable ad buy, contending Johnson ‘”has been looking out for himself.’”


Newsweek: “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee hit back at Johnson for breaking his pledge and painting him as an out-of-touch millionaire in their own campaign ads. These ads, which the committee said it is spending five figures on and will run across several cable stations in select cities across the state, claim Johnson ‘has been looking out for himself.’…The Democratic ad also mentions Johnson’s support for a 2017 tax bill. According to a ProPublica report, the provision Johnson championed resulted in his campaign megadonors receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in tax deductions…The Wisconsin Democratic Party opened a similar line of attack painting Johnson as an out-of-touch millionaire, buying billboards across the state Monday that attack Johnson for paying relatively little in state income taxes in 2017.”


The Washington Post: “A better approach, Wikler said, might be to highlight Johnson’s vote for the 2017 GOP tax cut for the rich and corporations, his vote for repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and his votes against the massive covid-19 relief package and bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed this year. Another big vulnerability for Johnson, said Wikler, is a ProPublica expose reporting that Johnson maneuvered to get a tax break inserted into the 2017 GOP tax law that massively benefited two billionaire families that had contributed huge amounts to Johnson’s campaign…’It’s critical for people to understand that Johnson simply isn’t on their side,’ Wikler told us, adding that Democrats must explain to voters why Trumpist Republicans like Johnson are undermining democracy wherever possible.”

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