MADISON, Wis. – Following the 12th anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Wisconsinites from across the state made clear that their health care and well being are at stake as Ron Johnson has pledged to continue his efforts to repeal the ACA should he win a third term.

See what they had to say below:

The La Crosse Tribune: Tina Pohlman: Affordable Care Act helps many in Wisconsin 

  • When I heard Sen. Ron Johnson commit to prioritizing repealing the Affordable Care Act if the GOP were to regain power, I was beside myself.
  • Like many Wisconsinites, I have a number of preexisting conditions that, without the ACA, would cause insurance companies to either deny me or try to price gouge me. Without the ACA, I wouldn’t be able to afford going to the doctors.
  • We deserve better, Wisconsinites. We deserve a senator who actually puts us first, who works to make sure the most vulnerable people are protected without going bankrupt and who listens to our needs.
  • This November, I urge folks to think about their friends, family, neighbors who rely on the Affordable Care Act and vote Ron Johnson out.

The Milwaukee Courier: 12 Years After ACA, Johnson Is Still Attacking My Health Care 

  • Before the ACA, we would have hit our insurance cap in no time, meaning we would be forced to pay for every doctor’s bill, medication, and specialist out of pocket. There is no doubt we would have gone bankrupt trying to figure out how to treat our condition.
  • On top of the doctor’s appointments, the treatment I rely on, part of the reason I’m able to be writing this letter today, could cost up to $16,000 a week. I rely on this treatment weekly, while my daughters need it monthly. Between the three of us, this critical treatment would cost us over $1 million dollars for just one year.
  • Just this month, [Ron] Johnson reaffirmed his pledge to repeal the ACA, saying that if the Republican Party regains control of the government they should make repealing the ACA a priority.
  • We’ve watched for too long as Johnson has prioritized his self-serving agenda of trying to take away our health care, all while doing nothing to lower costs. He doesn’t care that his actions make us live in fear every day that we will lose our care, go bankrupt, and who knows what else. He doesn’t care that if he is successful he will raise health care costs for families like mine all across the country.
  • I know I’ll be casting my ballot against him this November – he’s lost the right to represent my family and our state. And I’m not alone.

The Cap Times: Ron Johnson doesn’t want you to have health care

  • Johnson, who first ran for the Senate in 2010 on a pledge that he would do everything in his power to repeal the Affordable Care Act, is once again making this a top priority if he wins reelection.
  • Johnson has built much of his career in the Senate on attempts to repeal the ACA. Despite his best efforts Johnson has, in his own words, been “particularly unsuccessful” because he hasn’t been able to deliver on this dangerous promise — but that’s not for a lack of trying.
  • In addition to taking dozens of votes to repeal the ACA, Johnson joined a malicious lawsuit that asked the Supreme Court to invalidate the law, which they would not do. Then came that terrifying moment at the end of 2017 when it seemed like the Republicans, who controlled every branch of government, were finally going to be successful at taking down the ACA. During this time, Johnson led the charge on the repeal process, even specifically targeting the rule that prevented insurance companies from discriminating against people with preexisting conditions.
  • The fact is, Johnson doesn’t believe every Wisconsinite should have quality, affordable health care. Rather, his actions belie his opinion that health care is a “privilege” for only those who can afford it. He wants to roll the clock back to a time when getting pregnant could be considered a preexisting condition, or when insurance companies could cap how much they would pay for medicines and procedures.
  • Whether you’re a Democrat, independent, or Republican, it is clear that Johnson is not looking out for your best interests. He has spent his time in Washington trying to rip health care away from you while working overtime to enrich himself and his wealthy donors. Now he wants to raise your taxes and increase insurance premiums, selling out to Big Pharma and the country’s largest corporations to pay for his self-serving agenda.
  • It’s time that all of us recognize the danger that Sen. Ron Johnson poses to the people of our state. Let’s send him packing in November.
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