Gov. Tony Evers’ plan to increase pay for Wisconsin’s state troopers was today approved by the state Legislature. Lawmakers signed off on a new contract for Wisconsin State Patrol troopers and inspectors.

“We are grateful state leaders have agreed to increase compensation for state troopers and inspectors. State Patrol plays a vital role in keeping Wisconsin safe. Whether they are patrolling the highways, responding to incidents or lending assistance to other law enforcement agencies, they put themselves in physical danger to do their job and protect others,” Wisconsin Secretary Craig Thompson said. “Contracts signed during the Evers administration made significant strides in making state trooper pay more competitive with other law enforcement agencies.”

“State Patrol has a long history of excellence and service to Wisconsin,” State Patrol Superintendent Anthony Burrell said. “We are grateful for the increase in compensation, which will help us to continue hiring and retaining high-quality candidates for this important job.”

Under this new contract, about 400 Wisconsin State Patrol troopers and inspectors will receive an average pay increase of 8.5%. The previous contract, signed in 2020, included an average pay increase of 9.9%.

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