As Americans continue to struggle with soaring prices at the pump, President Biden called on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax until September in a performative attempt to address the crisis he created. Yet Biden’s proposed gas tax holiday would only save Americans 18 cents per gallon while the national average price has doubled since he took office. In Wisconsin, average gas prices are nearly $5 per gallon – the highest prices the state has ever seen.

Democrats in Wisconsin and across the country know that their bloated spending and attacks on American energy have prompted sky-high gas prices. Yet with election season in full swing, liberals are more focused on trying to save face than addressing the problems they enabled:

  • When Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes first entered office in 2019, they proposed a two-year spending plan that would have cost Wisconsinites a whopping $83.4 billion. Among other radical initiatives, this liberal wish list proposed allowing for automatic increases in the gas tax – which today would have amounted to over 11 cents per gallon.
  • Barnes called the 8-cent raise “modest” while Gov. Evers said everything is on the table when asked about raising the gas tax by $1.
  • The Barnes-supported gas tax hike would have increased the gas tax from 32.9 cents to 42.5 cents by 2021 – a 29% hike.

Yesterday, Evers signed an executive order prohibiting price gouging on gasoline and diesel – as if businesses were responsible for his party’s failed policies.


“Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, and their fellow Democrats have fought for higher prices. Now that families are feeling the pain, their election year efforts to pretend to care about rising costs are too little, too late as Wisconsinites pay the consequences of their failed policies.” – Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella

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