In a desperate move to save the democrat-controlled House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms, Wisconsin liberals have fielded a fraudulent candidate to primary incumbent Republican Congressman Tom Tiffany.

Plagued by record inflation, $4.00 per gallon gasoline and a rising violent crime and drug epidemic stemming from a crisis at our southern border, President Biden and democrats could face a blow-out at the polls this November.  Just a decade ago, Wisconsin’s northern 7th Congressional Districts was considered a democrat stronghold.  Far-left policies and woke socialist ideology have turned rural voters sour to the liberal agenda.  Considering the uphill battle for democrats this cycle and challenges finding sacrificial candidates to challenge popular incumbents, democrats have turned to dirty politics in a last-ditch effort to deceive voters.

David ‘Ty’ Kunelius has announced his intentions to primary incumbent republican Tom Tiffany.  Ironically, Kunelius’ run comes with a full-throated endorsement of the liberal super PAC that is suing to keep Tiffany off of the November ballot.  From the liberal PAC’s social media; ‘Ty is a friend of the MBC.  We know him and can vouch for him.’  The PAC attempts to paint Kunelius as a ‘moderate Republican’ while encouraging liberals sign on to their tactic of ‘primarying Tiffany from the left’.

When Kunelius and his PAC aren’t running fraudulent races for congress or filing fraudulent lawsuits, he appears to enjoy retweeting support of former Democrat congressional challenger Tricia Zunker or failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

It’s bad enough that democrats have turned their backs on rural America.  Running fraudulent candidates in a desperate attempt to create confusion shines light on the worse aspects of politics.   Voters should be confident in our electoral process and have certainty that candidates running for office have honest intentions.   Congressman Tiffany’s track record as a citizen legislator has garnered him wide support across the region including a unanimous endorsement of 7th District Republicans.  We look forward to sending him back to Washington D.C. for another term.

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