[Madison, WI] – Mandela Barnes, Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor and one of the Democrat candidates for U.S. Senate, is embarking on a “Barnes for Barns” tour in a lousy attempt to hide his record of supporting radical policies that would harm Wisconsin’s agricultural community and people in rural America. Here are the facts:

Mandela Barnes is a top supporter of the Green New Deal, which according to one study means:

  • $40,000 in new costs per year for the average Wisconsin family.
  • $200 million in losses to Wisconsin farmers.
  • A $2.5 billion hit to the state’s dairy industry. That’s $2,000 per cow.

And it’s not just his support for that radical Democrat plan.

  • The Evers-Barnes Administration tried to raise taxes on farmers.
  • Barnes’ climate task force proposed a carbon tax that would hike energy and transportation costs on farmers.
  • Barnes supports the reckless government spending that’s sparked inflation, which the CBO “confirmed inflation harms rural communities at a disproportionately higher rate than urban areas.”

If you are covering his tour, please include the following statement:

“Electing Mandela Barnes – or any of his primary opponents – to the Senate would be devastating for Wisconsin agriculture,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella. “Rural Wisconsinites need a fighter who will stand up to the failed Democrat agenda – not a Democrat who would only rubber stamp Joe Biden’s far-left dreams.”

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