The famously inept and corrupt Lincoln Project has announced it will be bringing its clown show to Wisconsin by injecting racial politics into the 2022 Senate race.

The Lincoln Project, a political action committee which exists only to attack Republicans, is fresh from a racially tinged stunt which humiliatingly backfired during their failed attempt to prevent the election of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin. The Lincoln Project has indicated that it will now be opposing Sen. Ron Johnson in Wisconsin. Here are the facts about the radical group:

  • In October 2021, the Lincoln Project sent a group of young people with tiki torches to stand near Youngkin’s tour bus during a campaign stop in Charlottesville, VA. The stunt was meant to call to mind the racially charged events of a 2017 rally in the city, which ended with a car careening through a crowd of people, killing one woman. The white nationalists at the center of the deadly rally, which featured tiki torches carried by participants, were condemned by political leaders from both parties.
  • The Lincoln Project was co-founded by political grifter Rick Wilson, who was not always in a position to attack others over racial sensitivities. He has previously posted images on social media which contained a cooler featuring the Confederate flag and the motto, “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN,” shown prominently on the lid.
  • The group has been exposed as a massive money-making venture for its leaders, who are beset by “lust, predation, greed, hypocrisy, false pride,” wrote Politico founding editor John F. Harris.
  • Of the $90 million raised during the 2020 cycle, when the Lincoln Project was most active, more than half went to companies that were controlled by the group’s founders. Less than a third of the funds were spent on advertising on broadcast or cable television, or online. Millions of dollars went toward overhead and “exorbitant consulting fees collected by members of the group,” according to the New York Post. Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt did not hide his ambitions for the group, boasting that it would allow him to build “generational wealth.”
  • The Lincoln Project has been engulfed in scandal because of the behavior of co-founder John Weaver, who was accused by nearly two dozen men of making inappropriate and unwanted sexual advances. The New York Times reported that Weaver often promised assistance in the political careers of the men, one of which was reportedly 14 years old when he began to receive text messages from Weaver.

“In Wisconsin, there are still fresh memories of the riots in Kenosha and the Christmas parade attack in Waukesha, so the last thing anyone wants is for the bozos from the Lincoln Project to bring their clown show to town. They’ve proven that all they care about is enriching themselves and inflicting their hateful brand of politics on an unsuspecting public, even if it hurts the candidates they claim to be trying to help. Wisconsinites know political profiteers when they see them, and they’re about to get a visit from some of the worst.” – Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella


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