An attempt by the far-left Super PAC to disqualify three top Republican legislators and keep them off of the November 2022 ballot fell flat as an Eastern Wisconsin federal court dismissed the case last week.

In another desperate move to save the democrat-controlled House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms from Biden’s disastrous record, the Political Action Committee attempted to use the courts to block Senator Ron Johnson and Republican Congressmen Tom Tiffany and Scott Fitzgerald from running for public office.  All three incumbent Republicans properly filed the necessary paperwork to run for re-election, including a record-breaking 30,000 nomination signatures submitted by Senator Johnson.

The PAC was created by Kirk Bangstad, owner of the Madison Brewing Company.  Bangstad’s political resume includes a failed 2016 bid for Congress and a 26-point hangover loss in his 2020 Assembly race.    The PAC is headed by Executive Director and failed state assembly candidate Sarah Yacoub.  Plaintiff’s for the frivolous suit include former losing perennial democrat state candidates Nancy Stencil and Paul DeMain.

The same PAC has also fronted a fake Republican congressional candidate to challenge Tiffany in the August primary.  Tiffany handily defeated his opponent in the last two contests.  Rollcall rates both the 5th and 7th Districts as ‘Solid Republican’.

Plagued by record inflation, gas prices nearing $5.00 per gallon and a rising violent crime and drug epidemic stemming from a crisis at our southern border, President Biden and democrats could face a blow-out at the polls this November.  Just a decade ago, Wisconsin’s northern 7th Congressional Districts was considered a democrat stronghold.  Far-left policies including rioting in our biggest cities, abortion, defunding the police and gun confiscation plus woke socialist ideologies in public education have turned rural voters sour to the liberal agenda.

Considering the uphill battle for democrats this cycle and challenges finding sacrificial candidates to challenge popular incumbents, democrats have turned to dirty politics and the courts in a last-ditch effort to disenfranchise voters.

Congressman Tiffany’s track record as a citizen legislator has garnered him wide support across the region including a unanimous endorsement of 7th District Republicans.  We look forward to sending him back to Washington D.C. for another term.

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