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MIDDLETON — Republican Party of Wisconsin conventioneers voting in a straw poll were split on whether they want to see Donald Trump run for president again.

Even with the former president in the mix, a plurality of party activists preferred Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the GOP nomination in 2024.

Forty-three percent (141 votes) of those participating in the straw poll said they want Trump to run again, while just less than 32 percent (103) were opposed and 22 percent (72) indicated they were unsure.

Viewing a potential 2024 GOP field, nearly 38 percent (122) backed DeSantis. Trump was second at 32 percent (104), while former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was a distant third at just more than 7 percent (24).

No one else cracked 5 percent.

State GOP officials said there were 1,500 people in attendance at this weekend’s convention. There were 847 votes cast Saturday morning from the floor during a procedural motion.

See complete coverage of the straw poll and the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention in the Convention Blog:, started in 2000, is a nonpartisan online news organization based in Madison that operates an email news service in addition to the free sites and has frequently conducted straw polls at both state Republican and Democratic conventions over the years.

**2022 GOP convention straw poll results**

Ballots cast: 325

Do you want Donald Trump to run for president in 2024?

Yes: 141
No: 103
Unsure: 72
No answer: 9

If the 2024 GOP primary for president were held today, whom would you support?

Greg Abbott: 1
Charlie Baker: 0
Ben Carson: 6
Liz Cheney:  1
Chris Christie: 0
Tom Cotton: 1
Ted Cruz: 8
Ron DeSantis: 122
Nikki Haley: 24
Josh Hawley: 1
Larry Hogan: 2
John Kasich: 1
Kristi Noem: 2
Rand Paul: 8
Mike Pence: 8
Mike Pompeo: 6
Marco Rubio: 6
Ben Sasse: 2
Rick Scott: 2
Tim Scott: 6
Elise Stefanik: 0
Donald Trump: 104
Donald Trump Jr.: 7
Glenn Youngkin: 1
Ron Johnson: 1
Ron Paul: 1
No answer: 4

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