WISCONSIN: Today, the Wisconsin Working Families Party announced its endorsement of 11 candidates for State Senate and Assembly.

Kelly Westlund, Wisconsin State Senate District 25, Ryan Clancy, Wisconsin State Assembly District 19, Laura Gapske, Wisconsin State Assembly District 73, Nathan Jurowski, Wisconsin State Assembly District 21, Dan Larsen, Wisconsin State Assembly District 60, Leah Spicer, Wisconsin State Assembly District 51, Jeff Smith, Wisconsin State Senate District 31, Francesca Hong, Wisconsin State Assembly District 76, Lee Snodgrass, Wisconsin State Assembly District 57, Robyn Vining, Wisconsin State Assembly District 14, Don Vruwink, Wisconsin State Assembly District District 33

“This list of endorsements includes some exciting champions—especially many powerful women—who will help make the needs of the entire working class—white, Black, and brown—the top priority,” said Jake Spence, State Director of the Wisconsin Working Families Party. “It’s not just about electing Democrats, it’s about electing Democrats that will work together to deliver real results for working people—like quality jobs and schools, expanded infrastructure and access to affordable healthcare, childcare, and housing.”

The endorsements come as Wisconsin Republicans attempt to pass sweeping measures to limit voters’ freedoms, including banning abortion, attempting to dissolve Milwaukee Public Schools, prohibiting public schools from teaching concepts such as systemic racism and bias, and making it harder to vote.

WFPs most recent work in Wisconsin includes support for Mandela Barnes. WFP implemented the first paid media for Mandela as other big-spending candidates started going up on TV, an effort that contributed to Mandela’s name ID rising 13 points in Marquette’s post-ad poll. WFP also knocked on more than 130,000 doors in Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee, and launched a distributed volunteer program that saw WFP volunteers contacting hundreds of thousands more voters through phone-banking and texting. 

The Working Families Party is the grassroots political party of the multiracial working class, fighting for a nation that cares for all of us. WFP recruits, trains and elects the next generation of progressive leaders to office. 

This year the Working Families Party launched its “WFP Majority” project, a major effort to elect working people’s champions to Congress through Democratic primary challenges and open seat contests across the country. WFP has scored a series of major victories this year, helping Summer Lee (PA-12), Greg Casar (TX-30), Jasmine Crockett (TX-28), Michelle Vallejo (TX-15), Maxwell Frost (FL-10) and Delia Ramirez (IL-3) win their open Democratic primaries. It also supported Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s successful insurgent run against conservative Democratic incumbent Kurt Schrader (OR-05). At the same time, WFP has scored state legislative primary victories in Georgia, Michigan, New York, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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