WISCONSIN –  On Thursday, February 24, the Working Families Party announced their endorsement of Angelito Tenorio for Wisconsin State Treasurer. Angelito is a West Allis Alderman and a veteran of the Wisconsin National Guard, with a record of combating climate change, supporting affordable housing initiatives, and advocating for racial justice and LGBTQ+ rights.


“Angelito has a long record of action on behalf of working Wisconsinites, from fighting for climate justice and abortion rights, to immigrants rights and affordable housing,” said WI WFP State Director Jake Spence. “He has experience building political power across Wisconsin, a proven record as a progressive champion and a transformative vision for how to use the power of this office to improve the lives of working families across the state. We’re glad to know Wisconsin voters will have a clear progressive choice in this race.”


The son of Filipino immigrants and union workers with a history of political activism and financial management. Angelito is a first-generation progressive leader who is running to re-imagine the role a State Treasurer can play in improving the lives of Wisconsin communities. As an Alderman who serves on the powerful Finance Committee, he has helped manage a municipal budget of over $130 million and worked to pass major investments in affordable housing, supporting small businesses, and combating climate change. Angelito is committed to using the bully pulpit of the State Treasurer seat to advocate for investing in public schools, social services, and more progressive fiscal policies.


“I’m incredibly honored to have the endorsement of the Wisconsin Working Families Party. They share my dedication to helping every Wisconsinite achieve financial security and the opportunity to thrive in this great state, regardless of where they live, what they look like, what language they speak, or who they love,” said Alderman Angelito Tenorio. “I’m thrilled to have their support for my vision to build a more sustainable and prosperous future for all of us.”


“Angelito Tenorio is a true embodiment of what it means to be a ‘veteran for the people’ — an accountable champion of integrity who knows our struggles and will fight for a better tomorrow,” said founder of Working Families Party’s Vets for the People, Pam Campos-Palma. “Vets for the People is thrilled for this exciting endorsement and the opportunity to win real change for those who need it most.”


The Working Families Party is a grassroots political party that recruits, trains, and elects the next generation of progressive leaders to office. The endorsements come on the heels of a primary sweep by 2022 WFP candidates, and 2021 general election victories across the state. In 2020, WI WFP led a massive volunteer-driven get out the vote effort where dozens of WFP members and activists came together from across the state to help elect President Joe Biden. Over the course of three months, the WI WFP collected 95,000 commitments to vote from voters across the state — nearly quadruple Trump’s margin of victory in Wisconsin for 2016, and helped protect Gov. Evers’ veto in the state legislature.

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