Hi, I’m Senator Rachael Cabral-Guevara and I represent Wisconsin’s 19th Senate District.

Affordable and accessible health care has never really been a partisan issue. Yet, there seems to be an infinite number of ways we attempt to address the problem: many folks argue there should be more regulation, others say less. Some say we need to create more mandates, others argue that we need as little change as possible.

This session, I hope to tackle this issue head-on in three key ways: increasing competition, lowering out- of-pockets costs, and addressing the workforce shortage by boosting Wisconsin’s attractiveness for nurses, physicians, and other providers.

This week, I’d like to hone in on how we can attract more healthcare professionals to this state. There are several pieces of legislation circulating which will help provide economic incentives for providers to move and set up shop here. This is especially important in our rural communities, where we have suffered from a lack of access for decades.

Additionally, this session provides an opportunity for us to allow nurses to practice to the extent of their full scope. This would dramatically improve the ability for qualified advanced practice nurses to open up their own clinics in communities where there are needs to be met.

I’m also excited to work with folks across the industry to uphold Wisconsin’s competitive in-state insurance market, which already attracts nationwide attention from other states looking to reform their systems.

We are looking forward to another session advocating for patients and expanding access to quality, affordable health care.

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