Wisconsin Republicans are working to support new parents and their babies in an initiative called “Embrace  Them Both.” 

Hi, I’m Romaine Quinn, State Senator from Cameron. Now more than ever, Wisconsin should champion the  sanctity of life and the miracle of pregnancy. Here are a few common-sense ways that we can do just that: 

Expenses for families begin long before the birth of their child. That’s why our proposal expands the  dependent tax exemption to include children before birth, as well increasing the amount to $1,000 for each  child in a family. 

Pregnant women in Wisconsin who seek resources for the well-being of their child deserve our support.  State grants to pregnancy resource centers will help provide pre- and post-natal care, baby supplies, and  counseling – especially for anyone who’s anxious about an unexpected pregnancy. 

When the best option for a child is adoption, cost should not be a barrier to a family willing to provide a  loving home. This legislation will help those families defray adoption expenses. 

All of these supports will assist new families in providing what is needed for both mother and baby. Sadly in  some instances things can go wrong, and if it does, Wisconsin law should be clear to physicians so that they  can confidently work to protect both the life of the mother and the baby whenever possible. 

These reasonable measures have already passed the State Senate and it is my hope they will receive  bipartisan support to be signed by Governor Evers. Here we can take a step in the right direction to protect,  uplift, and embrace life at all stages. 

Video: https://youtu.be/PMkImbYEwDM 

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