A Better Wisconsin Together Inc., the group’s issue advocacy arm, is up with a digital ad knocking Kelly on abortion and LGTBQ issues.

The narrator in the spot also highlights his endorsement in 2020 by Donald Trump.

The group said the digital ad began running last week but declined to provide other details. Because the spot is issue advocacy, the group doesn’t have to disclose how much it’s spending on the ad.

The spot is made to look like a web search of Kelly’s record as the narrator asks what viewers really know about his record.

The narrator says Kelly supports Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban and is backed by “an extreme organization that wants to outlaw birth control.” The screen displays the results of a search that show the endorsements of Wisconsin Right to Life and Pro-Life Wisconsin.

The search also includes a link to a story quoting Kelly saying same-sex marriage “robs marriage of any meaning” and says he has worked to deny health insurance to the partners of gay employees.

“Don’t believe it? Search for yourself,” the narrator says to close the spot. “And tell Dan Kelly he’s too extreme on abortion care and LGTBQ rights.”

See the ad here.

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