It is with great pride that the Wisconsin labor movement celebrates this victory. Union activists across the state mobilized and rallied working people to engage in the election and carefully consider the qualifications of the candidates. In the end, it was Janet’s judicial record of standing up for fairness and equality that put her over the top. 

This is democracy at work and it is my belief that this will put democracy back in the workplace. After a decade of punitive legislation that was upheld by an imbalanced Supreme Court, we now have reason to believe that the tide is turning and workers’ rights and voting rights can once again be protected in Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin will now have a Supreme Court that puts our most basic freedoms first. We can restore our rights and end the gerrymandering that has led to extremist attacks on those same freedoms. A state government that is held more accountable to its voters will end the divisive and unfair direction that the current majorities pursue. Instead, we can have a government that seeks to protect and expand workers’ rights and strengthen our democratic institutions.  

Congratulations to Janet Protasiewicz for this historic victory and congratulations to the entire Wisconsin labor movement that stood by her every step of the way. Forward.

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