Tonight, Wisconsin voters rejected the conservative Supreme Court nominee, twice-loser Dan Kelly, in favor of liberal judge Janet Protasiewicz. Kelly’s loss reflects the clear will of the people of Wisconsin, who understood the danger of having an anti-abortion rights, anti-fair maps judge on a 4-3 Supreme Court.

Kelly faced negative headline after negative headline throughout his campaign, many focused on his extreme views, which include a history of opposing abortion, worker and LGBTQ+ rights, as well as long-standing ties to anti-LGBTQ+ organizations. Reports have also shown his hypocrisy on the First Amendment — he favored laws that gave preference to Christianity over other faiths — and his inclusion of cops with highly unethical track records in a campaign ad was another troubling development.

“American Bridge has been involved in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race for months, from the early days of the primary through to this general election, and we’re thrilled that Dan Kelly lost tonight,” said Alexandra De Luca, spokesperson for American Bridge 21st Century. “Our job is holding Republicans accountable, and that’s exactly what we did here — there’s no way that Dan Kelly expected the sheer force of our opposition to him winning this seat. He knows now. Wisconsin deserves so much better than conservative rule, and we are excited to celebrate Justice-elect Janet’s victory.”

On Friday, American Bridge 21st Century chair and former president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, participated in a press conference with Wisconsin Democratic Party chair Ben Wikler, emphasizing the importance of this race.

As Wisconsin voters cheer the election of a strong, pro-abortion rights, pro-Constitutional rights candidate to their Supreme Court, here’s a taste of the headlines Kelly had to face in the final weeks of his second failed campaign for this seat: 

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