April 4, 2023 – As voters head to the polls today, American Majority Action (AMA) has just surpassed 35,000 knocks on the doors of targeted voters in Wisconsin. AMA is leading the effort to turn out conservative voters, whether it be in person on election day, or with an absentee ballot. 

Nate Nelson, Wisconsin Executive Director of American Majority Action, said, “We are having face-to-face conversations with undecided voters at the doors, and through their phones with live calls and personal text messages. We have engaged in over 1.4 million live contacts over phone calls, door knocks, and text messages with targeted voters and had 181,000 voting conversations. While they are tired of being bombarded through the airwaves, we have found people still appreciate personal conversations about the issues that face us all each day. We’re making a lasting impact on our state, one conversation at a time. I’m proud of the work AMA has done here in Wisconsin, and I know we’ll continue this mission for years to come.” 

Face-to-face conversations are the highest form of voter engagement, and are shown to greatly increase election turnout. AMA’s activist groundswell is powered by Voter Gravity’s groundbreaking technology that allows staff to quickly and accurately get out the vote through micro-targeting voters. AMA has also pioneered a brand-new Absentee Ballot chase program that has resulted in an increase in conservatives using absentee ballots and returning them.  

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