Hi folks! Welcome back to Tammy Tuesdays, our weekly update email on Tammy’s work and the big fights she’s taking on for Wisconsin families.

Tammy knows that there’s more that unites us than divides us. She understands that Wisconsin’s working families all want good-paying jobs, affordable healthcare, and the same freedoms their parents and grandparents had.

Read below for highlights of what Tammy worked on this week:

A New Addition to Team Tammy

This week, we are featuring a Team Tammy staff update! In an op-ed with the Milwaukee Courier, our new Political Director, Nadiyah Groves, detailed why she’s proud to be a member of Team Tammy. Nadiyah brings a breadth of experience with her to the campaign, including working for the Evers administration and Tammy’s 2018 campaign for U.S. Senate. Nadiyah is a native Milwaukeean and community leader who has spent her career uplifting others, making tremendous differences in her hometown and across the state of Wisconsin. Team Tammy is excited to have Nadiyah join our team!

Putting Farmers First

Tammy will do whatever it takes and work with whoever to make sure our farmers are being put first. Tammy knows our farmers work so hard all year long to feed, clothe, and provide for our country. With all this responsibility, comes lots of stress and burden for our farmers who are experiencing mental health issues at alarming rates. Just like our farmers support us, Tammy is committed to supporting our farmers to ensure that they never have to face battles with mental health alone. 

In the upcoming Farm Bill, Tammy is working across the aisle to pass the Farmers First Act of 2023. This legislation would address the mental health crisis our farmers are facing by reducing stigmatization and increasing access to mental health care in our rural communities. Tammy is standing by our farmers because right now they need us more than ever.

Combating the Maternal Health Crisis

Tammy believes that the maternal health crisis our country is facing is inexcusable, especially in our Black communities who are experiencing the most severe effects of this crisis. That’s why she’s committed to putting our mothers first and ending America’s maternal health crisis once and for all.

This week, Tammy introduced legislation that will improve access to maternal health care by providing grant programs to increase the number of maternal care providers. Tammy’s legislation is a part of the Momnibus Act – a series of bills with the overarching goal of saving the lives of mothers and ending disparate maternal health outcomes for minority groups, veterans, and vulnerable populations.

Taking Down Unfair Trade Barriers

Everyone knows that American farmers work hard to create products that are second to none. Right here in Wisconsin, we’re putting out the highest-quality dairy products in the world. But for too long Washington hasn’t had our farmers’ backs and has been letting global competitors use unfair trade practices with the potential to restrict American-made products from being sold in international markets. 

Tammy is working hard to end this decades old practice through the bipartisan SAVE Act in the 2023 Farm Bill. The SAVE Act will amend the Agriculture Trade Act of 1978 and give American farmers an equal opportunity to broaden foreign market access for their products. Tammy is committed to taking down unfair trade barriers, so American farmers can earn the profits they deserve for their high-quality products.

Saving AM Radio

Tammy knows that Wisconsinites across the state listen to AM radio to get their local news, national news, or even to get their Packers updates. She also knows that AM radio is the primary way some communities receive public safety updates, particularly Wisconsin’s farming communities.

Despite the necessity of AM radio for many Americans, some of the world’s largest car makers have been removing AM radio from their electric vehicles. This week, Tammy was proud to introduce bipartisan legislation that will ensure that car makers are putting AM radio in every single one of their cars because everyone deserves to have access to important news and life saving safety announcements.

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