(Madison, WI) – Colin Barushok issued the following statement reflecting on today’s tribute and celebration honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Wisconsin’s Tribute and Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the oldest official MLK Day state celebration in the U.S.

“Today I had the privilege to attend the 42nd tribute to Martin Luther King’s legacy. I would like to thank Dr. Jonathan Øverby for leading this tremendous program for our city and state. Every year, this celebration provides the most profound expression of artistry, philosophy, and community that we see grace our State Capitol. The theme for this year’s celebration is: Let Justice Rule.

“Reflecting on the performances and statements from the tribute today, I am reminded that there are many ways that we can bring our community closer to achieving justice for all. Our Justice system has suffered in recent years from a lack of sufficient resources which has resulted in backlogs that threaten people’s constitutional right to a speedy trial. Many individuals in our community cannot afford representation when they most need it, leaving them unequipped when they seek justice in our court system.

“I hope that my fellow candidates for Alder will join me in my commitment to address these needs in our community. One way that we can make progress towards justice is to guarantee that when city residents are faced with possible eviction, they have the right to public counsel. This will ensure that justice does not evade our neighbors in a moment of great need when their livelihood hangs in the balance. 

“Madison residents are affected by state level policies, and we must stand resolute in support of the budget requests submitted by the Circuit Courts, Public Defender Board, and Department of Justice. Without greater resources, court officials are warning us that the shortage of public defenders, prosecutors, and other officers of the court could lead to miscarriages of justice with terrible consequences for the people of Madison and the state.

“Today’s tribute inspires me to continue the relentless pursuit of justice on behalf of my neighbors. I will never stop searching for ways to make sure that Madisonians have access to the justice system that they deserve.”

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