Washington, D.C. — It’s official. MAGA House Republicans are willing to crash our economy to kill our clean energy boom—an economic goldmine that primarily helps their own communities. As we approach June 1st, when the Treasury has said the U.S. will default, Climate Power is counting down each day, highlighting what’s at risk if MAGA extremists repeal the clean energy incentives found in the Inflation Reduction Act. 

Coast to coast, we’re seeing our clean energy economy supercharge—encouraging clean energy business growth and massive job creation. According to Climate Power’s latest Clean Energy Boom report, more than 142,000 new clean energy jobs have been announced since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. Thus far, the 191 clean energy projects total nearly $250 billion in new investments. In Wisconsin, the climate and clean energy investments have created hundreds of good-paying clean energy jobs with 4 billion in clean energy investments and more than 24,000 clean energy jobs projected in the next ten years. The bottomline is that any cuts to the clean energy incentives found in the Inflation Reduction Act risk massive job loss in Wisconsin and communities across the country.

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