MADISON, Wis. – Climate leaders from across Wisconsin cheered Governor Tony Evers’ bold climate investments announced in his State of the State address last night, including funding for the state’s Clean Energy Plan aimed at reducing reliance on out-of-state fossil fuels while prioritizing a clean energy future in Wisconsin. Governor Evers also announced a groundbreaking investment to combat and regulate PFAS, which will protect Wisconsinites from consuming toxic drinking water by increasing testing and regulating PFAs. These actions complement the historic climate investments by the Biden Administration, putting Wisconsin on the path to a more just and equitable future while creating good-paying clean energy jobs. 

“The Clean Energy Plan plan rightly prioritizes equity and justice. Wisconsin currently sends $14 billion out-of-state for fossil fuels. Investing in clean energy workforce development at home will lift us all – especially communities most impacted by climate change. The governor laid out a road map for job training programs and estimates that over 40,000 new jobs will be created by 2030. Our response to the climate crisis can only succeed if we ensure a just and equitable transition,“ said Wisconsin Conservation Voters Executive Director Kerry Schumann in a press release. 

“I’ve always appreciated Governor Evers for his bold stance on Climate Justice. Today, he took it to the next level by announcing his investment of $10 million into expanding clean energy job training and reemployment for folks joining our clean energy workforce,” said State Representative Supreme Moore Omokunde in a press release.

“Governor Evers laid out a visionary plan to make sure Wisconsin will continue to grow and thrive in the years to come,” Climate Power Advisory Board Member Minority Leader State Representative Greta Neubauer said in a release. “We will make significant investments in fighting climate change so that future generations of Wisconsinites can thrive in our state. As a leader on this issue, it is critically important that we find ways to provide job training and apprenticeship opportunities so that Wisconsinites can take advantage of these good-paying jobs as we move to a cleaner green energy economy.”

Governor Evers’ pro-climate priorities will set Wisconsin on a path to job growth, cleaner energy, and cleaner water. 

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