MADISON — During his State of the State address this evening, Governor Tony Evers reiterated that he’s kept his promise to veto all legislation restricting reproductive freedom. His remarks came as the lawsuit he filed with Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul in 2022 to overturn Wisconsin’s near-total abortion ban awaits further action, eventually likely by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Wisconsin doctors recently called on the Wisconsin Supreme Court to overturn the ban.

“As doctors across Wisconsin continue to speak out against the state’s dangerous abortion ban, we’re encouraged to have Governor Evers stand with us, doing all he can to restore abortion access,” said Dr. Christopher J. Ford, MD, FACEP, an emergency medicine in Milwaukee. “This advocacy is particularly important as the lawsuit to overturn the ban continues through the courts and could ultimately be decided by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Like Gov. Evers, we believe that decisions about abortion should be between a woman and her doctor, without interference from lawmakers or judges. Emergency physicians must be able to practice objective, evidence-based medicine without legislative or judicial interference.”


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