[Chippewa Falls, Wis.] – In case you missed it, Cooperative Educational Service Agency (CESA) 10 interim agency administrator Charlie Schneider recently penned an op-ed detailing the organization’s work to ensure student safety in school districts across Wisconsin in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. This comes as education and law enforcement officials across the country continue working to improve safety measures in schools.

After the Wisconsin State Legislature created the 2018 School Safety Initiative, CESA 10 helped write nearly $5 million in school safety grants for 45 school districts and hosted a grant workshop for 75 other schools. These grants helped school districts secure entrances, create safe loading/unloading areas for vehicles and pedestrians, and install surveillance equipment.

CESA 10 is committed to enhancing school safety so that students, staff, and parents know that everyone is safe when they’re on school property. Read the whole op-ed in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram or find excerpts below. 

CESA 10 focused on School Safety

By: Charlie Schneider, CESA 10 interim agency administrator 

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram 

December 1, 2022

Schools are the lynchpins of strong communities. They are the gardens for our children to grow into well-educated citizens. They foster the skills and knowledge that are necessary for both healthy minds and bodies throughout their lives. And since 1964, Cooperative Educational Service Agency 10 (CESA 10) has advanced these objectives while proudly serving the state in its mission to deliver quality service at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers.

Too many recent incidents at school have left parents concerned for the safety of their children. No one — not student, parent, nor teacher — should feel unsafe in a school. Schools cannot operate as constructive spaces for learning and development if members of the community believe that they or their loved ones are in danger.

In line with our construction management work, we have proudly helped schools create secure entrances that are effective at controlling random access to a school building with cost-effective design and construction. CESA 10 has also assisted multiple schools in ensuring that their student loading areas are safe from vehicle intrusion, along with creating safe pedestrian areas.

While it is necessary to develop and implement robust response plans, these plans need to be adequately funded in order to guarantee the safety of our children. Therefore, CESA 10 took several steps to help school districts secure the resources necessary to implement their security plans. After the Wisconsin state Legislature created the 2018 School Safety Initiative, we helped write nearly $5 million in school safety grants for 45 school districts, and additionally held a grant writing workshop for another 75 schools. Furthermore, we provided cooperative pricing on security film so that schools could afford critical surveillance technology.

Public concerns over school safety may ebb and flow, but the safety of students and faculty remains our highest priority. We will always take the steps necessary to safeguard children from harm while on school grounds. Doing so is an inherent responsibility and one that we take seriously. We strive to ensure that your confidence in us to protect your children never wavers.

Read the whole op-ed in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

CESA 10 is committed to providing visionary leadership and cost-effective services to maximize learning opportunities and school effectiveness. CESA 10 serves 29 member districts across northwest Wisconsin. Learn more at Cesa10.k12.wi.us.

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