Today, Derrick Van Orden voted to protect serial liar George Santos just a week after Santos was indicted on 13-counts by federal prosecutors and admitted guilt to criminal charges in Brazil. 

House Democrats introduced a privileged resolution to expel Santos from Congress on Tuesday to ensure the people of New York’s Third Congressional district have a voice in Congress. Derrick Van Orden and a majority of House Republicans voted to refer the resolution to the House Ethics Committee, thereby delaying accountability for voters in his district. 

A motion to refer expulsion to the Ethics Committee only serves to protect Santos for the remainder of his term. 

DCCC spokesperson Tommy Garcia: 
“Derrick Van Orden voted to protect the lies, deceit, and disgrace of George Santos. Derrick Van Orden is too weak to stand up to his Washington party bosses – and Wisconsinites will remember.” 

REMINDER: George Santos has been charged with wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds, and making false statements to Congress. Last month, Santos announced his intention to run for re-election, and has repeatedly stated he has no plans to resign.

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