As women across the country endure the unimaginable, brutal consequences of Republican’s war on women, Derrick Van Orden and House Republicans are doubling down on their anti-choice agenda in the early days of serving in the majority.

Earlier this week, in one of his very first votes in Congress, Van Orden voted against consideration of the Women’s Health Protection Act which would codify the reproductive freedoms Roe v. Wade guaranteed before the Supreme Court ripped them away.

On top of blocking abortion protections, today Van Orden voted to pass anti-choice legislation that could imprison doctors and is “chock-full of misinformation and creates more barriers to care.”

Derrick Van Orden says he’s “100% pro-life” and compared abortion to “genocide.”

Clearly, Van Orden and House Republicans did not learn anything when voters sent a clear and resounding message that they support reproductive freedom – dealing the Republican party an embarrassing midterm performance.

DCCC spokesperson Tommy Garcia: 
“Derrick Van Orden’s despicable commitment to ripping away reproductive freedom is heard loud and clear. With every extreme vote against protecting and further restricting abortion rights, Van Orden is building the case against himself for 2024.” 

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