Yesterday, Rep. Derrick Van Orden voted in favor of House Republicans’ rule changes that would gut the Office of Congressional Ethics, which is intended to be a nonpartisan, independent body charged with reviewing allegations of misconduct against House lawmakers and staff.

This comes at a time when Derrick Van Orden’s own GOP colleagues, like George Santos and David Schweikert have been under investigation for misconduct and shady finance violations – begging the question: who is Van Orden trying to protect? 

DCCC spokesperson Tommy Garcia:
“Rather than allow the Office of Congressional Ethics to continue its tradition of holding both parties accountable as a nonpartisan and independent body, Derrick Van Orden voted to politicize the body that ensures congressional members like themselves face consequences when they fail to act ethically and in accordance with the law. If Van Orden isn’t voting this way to protect himself, who is he voting to protect?”

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