Week after week, House Republicans and Derrick Van Orden show voters just how extreme they are through their legislative priorities and dangerous actions. Last week, Van Orden voted to bring dangerous culture wars into childrens’ classrooms across America.

Rather than work on legislation that parents actually support, like investing in public education and good educators to improve student outcomes, teaching age-appropriate and complete history, and combating gun violence to protect children from being gunned down in classrooms – Derrick Van Orden is focused on advancing the extreme MAGA agenda of attacking LGBTQ+ educators and students, censoring history, and banning books about everything from civil rights to the Holocaust.

While parents and educators in communities across the nation are working together to build stronger public schools and create opportunities for all students to succeed, Van Orden and his MAGA House Republican Caucus want to empower culture war politicians and drive a wedge between educators and parents in hopes it will serve them politically.

DCCC spokesperson Tommy Garcia:
“House Republicans’ culture wars are dangerous. Rather than tackle actual challenges everyday families face and work to improve public education, Derrick Van Orden is using American children as political pawns and working to empower far-right politicians to censor the world from history and acceptance.”

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