Madison, Wis. – The Department of Safety and Professional Services is now accepting applications for its second round of the Military Pathways Grant Program, a grant program created to expedite entry into the civilian licensed workforce for current and former military members. Included in the Governor’s 2021-2023 budget, the grant program is an initiative to support active-duty military and veterans while also addressing workforce issues in Wisconsin.

The Military Pathways Grant Program will award up to $50,000 to educational and training institutions seeking to create “crosswalks” or formal tracks that enable current and former military members to satisfy occupational licensing requirements with training completed during their service. This will be the second year the department has awarded funds for this program. Last year, the Military Pathways Grant Program awarded nearly $50,000 to Milwaukee Area Technical College.

“Enabling veterans to maximize their skills in a licensed profession will positively impact Wisconsin’s workforce shortage,” said DSPS Secretary-designee Dan Hereth. “The brave men and women who serve our country have so much to offer our state, and this grant reflects our commitment to acknowledging their invaluable skills and training and helping them achieve their civilian career goals.”

Hereth added that creating pathways for service members to maximize their credits and military training helps expedite the process of becoming licensed and employed in high-demand services across the state.

DSPS developed the Military Pathways Grant Program in collaboration with the Department of Veteran Affairs (WDVA) in 2021. Through this collaboration, the two agencies offered multiple listening sessions with military, veteran, and educational stakeholders to understand and meet the military community’s needs.

“Making the transition to civilian life is a crucial time for any service member,” said WDVA Secretary-designee James Bond. “This program enables active military and veterans to use the valuable skills they acquired in service and apply them to a new career path. We owe it to these brave men and women to ease roadblocks to building a successful life at home. Moreover, veterans and military members are a valuable part of our state’s workforce—this is a smart investment in Wisconsin’s future.”

Grant information is available here. Applications opened April 1, 2023, and are due April 30, 2023.

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