Waukesha, Wis. (February 10, 2023) – Now we know progressive liberals have nightmares about one thing:

Judge Jennifer Dorow. The Daily Kos, a leading progressive website that has endorsed Judge Janet Protasiewicz, said out loud this week what has become very obvious: Judge Dorow is the strongest judicial conservative candidate for the April ballot because of her deep experience as a judicial leader, her broad law enforcement backing and the praise her professional handling of the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack trial earned across Wisconsin. Responding to shadowy liberal group A Better Wisconsin Together spending $1.5 million to attack Judge Dorow with false and misleading ads Daily Kos wrote:

With two weeks to go before Wisconsin’s Feb. 21 nonpartisan primary for state Supreme Court, progressives are launching an expensive campaign to stop conservative Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow from securing one of the two spots in the April 4 general election. A Better Wisconsin Together, an affiliate of the liberal advocacy network ProgressNow, seems to very much believe that
former Justice Daniel Kelly would be the easier conservative to defeat in the spring contest to determine control of the court…

“It’s never been more clear that Judge Jennifer Dorow is the only candidate who can beat the liberal special interest groups in April and stop the left’s efforts to remake Wisconsin via judicial fiat,” said Amber Schroeder, Judge Dorow’s campaign manager. “We encourage voters to ignore the sleezy attack ads polluting their television sets and look instead at Judge Dorow’s unmatched legal and judicial experience and
her overwhelming support from law enforcement.”

Along with over 150 sheriffs, police chiefs, and prosecutors, Judge Dorow has been endorsed by the Milwaukee Police Association, the Waukesha Police Chiefs Association, and Fond du Lac County District Attorney and President of the Wisconsin District Attorney’s Association Eric Toney. Dorow has also been endorsed by Justice Pat Roggensack, the woman she is seeking to succeed, and retired Justice Jon Wilcox.

Dorow, who is Chief Judge for the Third Judicial District, has been on the bench for 11 years. She was chosen by her peers to serve as chief of the chief judges. Prior to becoming a judge, Dorow worked as an attorney in the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office and private practice. Her husband, Brian, served in various capacities in law enforcement, and they have three children. For more information, please visit judgejennifer.com.

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