MADISON, Wis. – Today, Family Friendly Wisconsin released the following statement, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and calling for a more permanent, paid and job-protected paid leave policy.  

Brita Olsen, Family Friendly Wisconsin State Director:

“Thirty years ago, when the Family Medical Leave Act was signed into law by President Bill Clinton, it was the first national law of its kind to provide eligible workers with job-protected leave to care for a family member or their own health.

“While this was certainly a step in the right direction, FMLA’s qualifications for an eligible employee does not include 62 percent of workers in Wisconsin, most of whom are low-income and/or part-time workers. Further, the definition of “family” limits who workers are able to care for, disregarding the vastly diverse nature of family structures in our state and country.

“We need to reach higher for a paid, permanent, job-protected policy that benefits all workers, regardless of employment qualifications or who we call family.

“Family Friendly Wisconsin is calling on Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation to work toward a passage of universal, paid family and medical leave this legislative session so that no one has to make the impossible choice between caring for loved ones or themself, and a paycheck.”

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