MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s campaign announced two new ads today, the first of the general election, highlighting Dan Kelly’s troubling record of defending criminals and embracing extreme positions. 

Judge Janet Protasiewicz has dedicated her career to serving the people of Wisconsin. As a 25-year prosecutor and current circuit court judge, she has always worked to protect the rights of victims, uphold the laws of our state, and hold people accountable. As a justice, she will return fairness and impartiality to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The ads will begin airing today as part of the campaign’s post-primary media buy.


Watch Online: 
Voiceover: “Dan Kelly won’t keep our communities safe. As a lawyer, Kelly defended child sex predators who posed as ministers in order to prey on vulnerable young girls. They lured young children to locations they believe to be safe, only to sexually assault and molest them. And Dan Kelly defended those monsters. Do you want someone like that on the Supreme Court? Dan Kelly. An extremist who doesn’t care about us.”


Watch Online: 
Voiceover: “Extremist Dan Kelly wants abortion banned, even in cases of rape, incest, and the health of the mother. For years, Kelly was on the payroll of a radical anti-abortion group working to take away women’s rights. On the court, Kelly will uphold Wisconsin’s eighteen forty nine criminal abortion ban that strips women of their freedom to make personal decisions on abortion. Dan Kelly. An extremist who doesn’t care about us.”

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