Waukesha, Wis. (February 22, 2023) – Following the primary election results, Judge Jennifer Dorow issued the following statement:

“First off, I want to thank all those who supported me in this campaign. I will be forever grateful and humbled by the faith you placed in me. With the primary now over, I want to reiterate what I said both last night and throughout the campaign. Those of us who believe in a fair and impartial judiciary must unite behind Daniel Kelly. The very role of a judge is on the ballot on April 4th. Like Dan, I believe that anyone who comes into a courtroom deserves a judge that is fair and impartial – who has not made up his or her mind before the case even begins. But, Judge Janet Protasiewicz has already told us that she will put her thumb on the scales of justice. We can’t let her succeed. I ask all those who volunteered, contributed and voted for me to now get behind Daniel Kelly. I look forward to helping him win on April 4th .”

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