MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Today, Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court released two additional TV ads, highlighting extremist Dan Kelly’s corruption on the bench and insults to seniors receiving Social Security. These ads are part of the campaign’s statewide, record-breaking, television advertising campaign which is now up to $8.5 million.

On the court previously, Dan Kelly chose corruption and partisanship. After serving on a right-wing group’s advisory board, he refused to recuse himself in six separate cases they were involved in. In every case, Kelly ruled in their favor. Separately, Kelly recused himself from a case only to un-recuse after the litigant and his family contributed $20,000.

Another ad highlights Kelly’s extreme views on Social Security, including a recently exposed blog post where he wrote those receiving Social Security benefits are, “people who have chosen to retire without sufficient assets to support themselves.”

As a community leader, veteran prosecutor, and Circuit Court judge, Judge Janet Protasiewicz has dedicated her career to upholding the law and protecting the constitutional rights of all Wisconsinites. Judge Janet is committed to restoring integrity to the state’s highest court because extreme partisan politics and self interests don’t belong in the court.

Last week, the campaign released four ads that highlighted Judge Janet’s 35-year career in law and Dan Kelly’s record of involvement in the fake elector schemeopposition to reproductive freedom, and his corruption on the bench.

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“Social Security” 

Wisconsin seniors depend on Social Security. 

But extremist Dan Kelly doesn’t care about them.

Kelly wrote that Social Security is similar to slavery.

And Kelly insulted seniors by writing that those on Social Security are “people who have chosen to retire without sufficient assets to support themselves.”

Do you want a radical like that on the Supreme Court?

Dan Kelly, an extremist who doesn’t care about us.

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Dan Kelly is extremely corrupt.

Six times Kelly ruled in favor of a plaintiff with close ties.

He was on their advisory panel.

He took contributions from their board.

In all six times, Kelly ruled in their favor.

Another time, Kelly changed his mind about whether to judge the Zignego case after pocketing $20,000 in contributions from the Zignego family.



That’s Dan Kelly. 

Judge Janet Protasiewicz is a community leader, a Circuit Court judge who upholds the law, and a 25-year former prosecutor who dedicated her career to protecting victims. Find out more about Judge Janet at

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