MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Today, Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court released two new TV ads, highlighting extremist Dan Kelly’s record of corruption on the bench and his radical stance in favor of a total ban on abortion. These ads are part of the campaign’s statewide, record-breaking, television advertising campaign which is now up to $10.3 million. 

Dan Kelly has already shown Wisconsinites how he’ll rule on the court. He will always find a way to advance an extreme right-wing agenda, instead of following the law and upholding our constitution. Our state’s highest court shouldn’t be up for sale, but Dan Kelly’s record shows that he is – in one case, Kelly even un-recused himself after receiving $20,000 from one of the litigants and his family.. 

Dan Kelly’s extremism is also apparent from his belief that women shouldn’t have freedom when it comes to their reproductive health decisions. Dan Kelly wants abortion banned, even in cases of rape, incest, and the health of the mother. He has received endorsements from the most extreme anti-abortion groups and has even been on the payroll for a radical anti-abortion group that is working to take away women’s rights. Dan Kelly will uphold the archaic 1849 abortion ban and endanger the lives of women across the state.

Judge Janet Protasiewicz is a community leader, a veteran prosecutor, and a lifelong advocate for victims of crime. For over 35 years she has defended the law and the constitutional rights of all Wisconsinites. Judge Janet is running to deliver justice and bring common sense back to the Supreme Court because that’s what the people of Wisconsin deserve.

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I don’t like Dan Kelly.

I think he’s corrupt.

First of all, he recused himself from the Zignego case because of ethical concerns.

Then he took twenty thousand bucks from Zignego and his family.

After he got the money, he un-recused himself so he could judge the case.

That’s not something a judge with any ethics would do.

That’s textbook corruption.

It’s all in the public record too.

Dan Kelly is too corrupt.

He’s too extreme.

And he doesn’t care about us.

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There were severe health complications with my baby when I was pregnant.

We made the decision to have an abortion so our daughter wouldn’t suffer.

Dan Kelly doesn’t believe that women should even have that freedom.

On the Supreme Court, Dan Kelly will uphold the criminal ban on abortion.

Someone you love might struggle with a pregnancy like I did.

And that’s why we can’t have an extremist like Dan Kelly on the Supreme Court.

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