Milwaukee – Four weeks before Election Day, Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Justice Daniel Kelly will appear at a candidate debate hosted by the liberal American Constitution Society Tuesday. Politician Janet Protasiewicz has not confirmed her attendance.

The American Constitution Society is an organization that says its mission is to support laws and legal systems that among other things works to “redress the founding failures of our Constitution and enduring inequities in our laws in pursuit of realized equality” and does so “through a diverse network of progressive lawyers, law students, judges, scholars and advocates.”

Politician Protasiewicz proudly says she embraces the progressive label, so why Politician Protasiewicz wouldn’t attend the debate is a mystery. In any case, Justice Kelly will be there to explain why the rule of law as written and the Constitution are the only things Supreme Court Justices should consider when deciding cases. The personal values and political views of Politician Protasiewicz have no place in the Supreme Court. Justice Kelly’s record of court opinions is proof he can put personal values aside and apply only the law and the Constitution as written and amended.

“Politician Protasiewicz has said she will put her thumb on the scale in deciding cases. Until Politician Protasiewicz explains exactly which cases she’ll put her biases over the law for, Wisconsin voters have to expect it will be every case,” Kelly campaign spokesperson Jim Dick said. “Ducking accountability is no way to earn voters’ trust, but Politician Protasiewicz clearly cares more about the out of state donors who have funded 96 percent of her campaign. If the ‘Rule of Law’ is allowed to be replaced by the ‘Rule of Janet’ on the court, the Constitution falls and the protection of all our rights goes with it.”

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