Madison, WI — Justice Daniel Kelly is the only candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court endorsed by all three major pro-life groups in the state. 

“Organizations around the state are united in their insistence that the next Supreme Court justice be committed to following the law, not making or changing it,” said Justice Kelly.

Here’s what Wisconsin Family Action, Pro-Life Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Right to Life had to say about Justice Kelly. 

Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee director Julaine Appling – “Justice Kelly has given us a body of work from his four years on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. We don’t have to guess about whether he will actually do what he has said he will do—uphold the rule of law, a pillar of our
form of government. We have votes, and we have written opinions on a host of issues. We aren’t relying on campaign rhetoric or “you-have-my-word” statements during interviews. We have a track record. Justice Kelly has the judicial temperament, experience, and the character that make him the best qualified candidate for this position on our state’s Supreme Court.”

Wisconsin Right To Life Legislative/Political Action Committee Director Gracie Skogman – “Wisconsin Right to Life is confident Justice Kelly will be a strong defender of the Constitution, and will serve our state by enforcing laws, not legislating from the bench.”

Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund Political Action Committee Director Matt Sande – “Justice Kelly is the only candidate in this race with a proven record of judicial conservatism, and therefore the only candidate we trust.”

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