From Justice Daniel Kelly 

A hundred thousand thanks, as the Irish say, to all those who tirelessly worked to preserve the rule of law and our constitution through this campaign. Your passion for maintaining your liberties was inspiring and impressive. I will never forget your commitment to these foundational principles. But tonight, I am disappointed to learn that those who wish to maintain our constitutional order are in the minority of voters.

Judicial campaigns are supposed to be about constitutional principles and legal scholarship, which has been the focus of my conversations with the people of Wisconsin. Unfortunately, my opponent made her campaign about cynical appeals to political passions, serial lies, and a blatant disregard for judicial ethics and the integrity of the court. But the judgment of the people of Wisconsin is paramount, and this is what they have chosen.

Benjamin Franklin said, nearly 236 years ago, that he had helped create a republic. But he warned it would be so only “if we can keep it.” Keeping it has just gotten a little more challenging.

I wish Wisconsin the best of luck. I think it will need it.

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