(Ubet, WI) “The new Federal Omnibus Spending Act cannot withstand scrutiny,” the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Press Office announced in a statement issued over the weekend. “Not only does the $1.7 Trillion amount increase spending by 9%, it devotes far too much to military spending at an exorbitant $860 Billion. This budget anticipates more war.”

Long-time advocates of an international system free of wars and of unrepresentative dictatorships, the Libertarians embrace balanced budgets and individual freedom, to create communities of prosperity for all and non-coercive and non-violent politics and policies.

Wisconsin’s Libertarian Party concluded that,“the new spending act depends on more debt, financed by printing more inflated paper dollars. And, it means spending even more wealth for the Federal and state governments to further impose themselves forcefully on free people here, and for entanglements elsewhere. All of this mostly benefits the banks who run things and the war profiteers who control the military-industrial-legislative complex. These things all represent the opposite of what average working people everywhere need and want: peace, prosperity, freedom, and choices, to live freely with their neighbors.”

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