The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, Milwaukee End the Wars Coalition, and the Wisconsin People’s Party, join forces to protest and march on April 1st, 11am at Zeidler Union Square in Milwaukee.

March 23rd, 2023: MKE vs WW3 opposes current U.S. foreign policy towards Russia and China, which puts us firmly on the path to global conflict. A third world war pitting the US against Russia and/or China is expected to feature the use of nuclear weapons, which is well understood to mean the deaths of billions of people.

We are a “big-tent” organization; our leadership includes representatives from the People’s Party, the Libertarian Party, the Milwaukee End The Wars Coalition and various other organizations. We do not believe that this is the time to “gatekeep” the peace movement; no other issues matter if we fail to avoid World War Three. What unites us is a common belief in ending this chain of escalation before it ends us.

These are our demands:

  1. No more U.S. money or military involvement for war in Ukraine.
  2. De-escalate tensions with Russia and negotiate a ceasefire in Ukraine.
  3. No military conflict with China over Taiwan or any other issue.
  4. Re-enter nuclear non-proliferation and safety agreements.
  5. Reallocate excess Pentagon funding to our needs at home.

We welcome everyone to unite with us on these demands. Join us on April 1st at 11am at Zeidler Union Square before we march to the offices of Tammy Baldwin, Gwen Moore and Ron Johnson, calling on our elected representatives to act in the interest of our survival.

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