MILWAUKEE – Longtime labor leader Bruce Colburn is retiring after more than 50 years fighting for workers’ rights at the local, state, and national level. County Board Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson and Supervisors Peter Burgelis, Ryan Clancy, Felesia A. Martin, Shawn Rolland, Steven Shea, Anthony Staskunas, Liz Sumner, Kathleen Vincent, and Sheldon A. Wasserman released the following statement:

“Bruce Colburn has had a legendary career advancing the needs of working people not just in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, but across the entire nation. Working with the Service Employees International Union, he was instrumental in fighting for fair wages, life-saving healthcare, and humane working conditions. In 2019, we saw just how instrumental his efforts were in securing ATU 998’s contract with MCTS.

“His legacy extends beyond the labor movement. With Souls to the Polls, Bruce engaged marginalized communities to use their collective voting power to press elected officials on issues such as affordable housing, education, economic development, and gun violence. Bruce is a true champion for building a more equitable Milwaukee County.

“The impact his 50-plus-year career has had on the lives of countless Milwaukee County residents cannot be overstated. Thank you for your service to our community, Bruce. We wish you a happy retirement.”  

Throughout his career, Colburn has served as the Statewide Coordinator for Service Employees International Union, President of the Milwaukee Labor Council, President of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998, and Executive Director of Souls to the Polls.

He has served on the governing boards of Citizens Action of Wisconsin, the State of Wisconsin Investment Board, and the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.

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