MILWAUKEE – On Monday, January 23, the Milwaukee Fire Department hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the recommissioning of Engine Company 28. District 15 County Supervisor Peter Burgelis made the following statement:  

“Fire protection is a core community service, and we applaud the decades long cooperation among municipal departments. I emphasize community because fire safety isn’t a city issue or county issue. No matter how we get it done, improving health outcomes for residents is of the upmost importance. At a time when state aid to municipalities hasn’t changed in more than a decade, our resilient community continues to search for and find ways to share resources. Time and time again this has proven to maximize services and the positive impact they provide” said Supervisor Burgelis. “The reopening of Fire Station 28 is a perfect example of how intergovernmental cooperation benefits communities. Communities that work together will thrive together.” 

According to the Milwaukee Fire Department this was “the first additional fire engine and fire station added to the Milwaukee Fire Department’s resources since 1956”. 

MFD will decommission Engine 35 at its North 64th Street quarters and recommission Engine 28 at the North 30th Street firehouse, which was closed when Engine 28 was decommissioned due to budget cuts in November 2017.  

Station 35 will host a Tosa Fire Department engine company, which will use the station at no cost. 

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