Madison, WI — Today, NextGen America launched its 2023 dating app organizing program to educate and mobilize 18-35-year-olds on apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble ahead of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election.

During ‘Courting the Vote in Wisconsin,’ NextGen organizers and volunteers across the country will use the apps to connect with young people in Wisconsin, encouraging them to make a plan to vote, share NextGen’s WI Vote Hub with key voting resources, and more.

The dating app program will expand NextGen’s on-the-ground and online organizing in the state, which includes weekly text banksphonebanks, and in-person on-campus outreach with partners like Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin and The Lincoln Project’s The Union. Overall, NextGen America plans to contact thousands of young Wisconsinites before Election Day. 

“Young people know there’s nothing sexier than saving our democracy,” NextGen America President Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez said. “That’s why NextGen is excited to launch our dating app program in Wisconsin to help educate, mobilize, and maybe even spark a romantic connection between young voters ahead of April’s election. From abortion rights to voting rights, so many issues are on the line, and we’re meeting young voters where they’re at to inform them about the stakes of this election. When young voters turn out, their policy priorities are recognized by those in power, and NextGen is doing all we can to help young Wisconsin voters create a future they believe in.”

NextGen’s 2023 dating app launch follows its historic work in 2022 to mobilize young voters across seven key states, including Wisconsin. These efforts contributed to the second-largest youth voter turnout in a midterm election in 30 years and underscored young voters as a powerful voting bloc in the country. 

The dating app organizing program was first piloted during the 2020 election cycle in Arizona, and continued into 2022 when NextGen launched the program nationally ahead of the midterm election. NextGen is always committed to meeting young people where they’re at — whether on campus, the community, on social media, or in the digital dating space. Through organizing on dating apps, NextGen will build its program to swipe and match its way to a more informed, excited young voter base. 

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