“The Polluters Over People Act is a shameless giveaway to Big Oil and Gas, and does nothing to address the needs and concerns of everyday American people. Instead, it puts people in harm’s way by gutting key environmental and public health laws, essentially ignoring the climate crisis altogether and moving us backward. This bill does not ensure ‘energy security,’ it only sets the stage for more dangerous chemical disasters, more toxic air, more unsafe drinking water, and substantially weaker environmental and public health protections.

“Young people are desperately calling for a clean energy future, and it’s clear Republicans would rather pad the pockets of polluters than protect the livelihood of the people. This bill is especially shocking in contrast to the progressive climate action accomplished by Democrats last year through the Inflation Reduction Act – a law which invested over $360 billion in a green future. Relying on oil, gas, and mining for energy is expensive and dangerous for our communities, and creates a short-term solution with long-term damage. 

“Our country needs clean energy now – and we call on the Senate to reject this egregious bill. Young people want to grow up in a world where we can live and thrive, and we won’t stop fighting until we see true, systemic change that stops the climate crisis before its effects become catastrophic.”

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