RACINE, Wis. – Visiting Congressman Bryan Steil’s Racine office to mark the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, his constituents were met with a locked door and a message that the congressman’s staff is only available two hours a week in the district’s most populated county. 

Grassroots advocates joined Opportunity Wisconsin, For Our Future WI, and Citizen Action Wisconsin to deliver 475 suckers to Rep. Steil’s office, representing the $475 on average that many Wisconsinites will save thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act’s annual cap on out-of-pocket drug costs. Instead of being able to deliver the message to Rep. Steil that the Inflation Reduction Act is a success, they were met with a locked door and sign indicating that constituent services are only available two hours each week.

Below are remarks delivered by participants outside of the Racine County Courthouse following the attempted visit to Rep. Steil’s office: 

Cierra Chesir, Opportunity Wisconsin Regional Lead: “We’re here today to mark the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act and to remind Wisconsinites that Congressman Steil opposed this bill and the relief it has already delivered to working families and seniors in our state. To every Medicare beneficiary who is saving money thanks to the IRA’s cap on insulin costs or the new cap on annual out-of-pocket drug costs – Congressman Steil opposed that relief. To the hundreds of Wisconsinites who are now employed because of the IRA’s investments in clean energy infrastructure and manufacturing – Congressman Steil voted against those jobs. And to the working families who are starting to see relief rising costs – Congressman Steil voted to against this relief.”

Daniel Joglar, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional, For Our Future WI: “While the IRA is working, it’s still under attack by Republicans in Congress and big drug companies who want to see it fail. They want to roll back the improvements it made to Medicare, once again prohibiting Medicare from negotiating for lower drug prices. We need a member of Congress who will stand up to big pharma and fight for lower prescription drug prices. Congressman Steil also voted for an extreme plan, the Default on America Act, that would’ve forced drastic cuts onto programs from education to health care for veterans. This bill also would’ve repealed many of the IRA’s provisions that are helping crack down on wealthy tax cheats and corporations who refuse to pay their fair share.”

Kat Klawes, Southeast Wisconsin Organizer, Citizen Action Wisconsin: “The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has made historic investments to address climate change and contains the most sweeping health care reforms in a decade. These are on a national scale that would reduce the budget deficit by $300 billion. The act also provides near-immediate, tangible benefits for American families by lowering costs for home energy, new vehicles, health coverage, and prescription drugs.”

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