WISCONSIN—MARCH 21—Today, Governor Evers and Democratic leaders introduced the Restore Roe Act at a news conference at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAWI) Steven Webb was in attendance and joined elected and community leaders in calling for the repeal of Wisconsin’s nearly 200-year-old criminal abortion ban.

Statement from Steven Webb, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin

“The Restore Roe Act is an important step to restore abortion care in Wisconsin. Accessing health care is not a criminal act. It is imperative that this law, which is almost as old as our state itself, is repealed.

“Anti-choice members of the state Legislature have refused to repeal Wisconsin’s Criminal Abortion Ban—following the lead of lawmakers from nearly 200 years ago who also believed women shouldn’t have the right to vote. As a result, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has temporarily suspended abortion services until there is further clarification from a court, or the legislature, about whether the 1849 law is enforceable.

“We need to make sure our state’s laws will protect access to abortion care for our friends, family, and neighbors regardless of who is on the Supreme Court. Passing the Restore Roe Act—which would repeal Wisconsin’s Criminal Abortion Ban—is the most important step our elected officials can take to restore access to abortion care in Wisconsin.

“We know that banning abortion does not stop abortion, it only makes it unsafe and puts women’s health and lives at risk. It only makes it more difficult and forces women to carry dangerous pregnancies or ones resulting from rape and incest.

“Thank you to Governor Evers and to all our Democratic leaders for continuing to take action to restore access to essential health care and the freedom for people to make their own health care decisions.”


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAWI) is the advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. PPAWI engages in legislative and educational activity and works to elect candidates to office that support these goals.

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