MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court released a new ad today highlighting her work to hold criminals accountable as 25-year prosecutor and judge. 

The ad also compares Protasiewicz’s record with Dan Kelly and Jennifer Dorow’s troubling record of defending criminals charged with disturbing crimes. As a private attorney, both Dorow and Kelly represented child predators. Dorow’s former law firm even advertised their expertise as “child sex crimes defense attorneys” on their website.

This ad is part of a statewide media buy, which has now increased to $1.25 million in spending from the campaign, ahead of the February primary. 


Watch Online

Voiceover: It’s started…outright lies about Judge Janet Protasiewicz. The truth? Judge Janet spent twenty five years as a prosecutor locking up dangerous criminals. But Extremist Jennifer Dorow? As a private attorney, she got rich defending predators for child sex crimes and pornography. Dan Kelly? He defended child molesters posing as a youth ministers. Those are the real facts. So when you see these false attacks on Judge Janet? Remember the truth.

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