Today, State Representative Scott Allen (R – Waukesha) was sworn in to serve for a fifth consecutive term as
the representative of the 97th Assembly District. He issued the following statement:

“It is an honor to continue to serve the people of the 97th. I am dedicated to working for the good of Wisconsinites by securing the freedoms necessary to thrive and attract others to our great state.

“Wisconsinites deserve freedom from being overtaxed and overregulated. They deserve the freedom that comes with the peace of a safe community. Parents deserve the freedom to send their kids to a school where they can succeed instead of being forced to attend a failing government-run school.

“At the same time, we know that our personal freedoms have limits. Our freedom must be limited to the extent that it causes harm to other people, even those without a voice. Our value of freedom is only as strong as our willingness to protect the freedoms of the powerless.”

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